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My coaching philosophy:

As a self tape specialized audition coach, I believe there's a significant difference between relying on a reader (mom, neighbor, reluctant partner, one of the kids you babysit for, or your own voice recorded with space in between--hey, we've all done it!), and getting the personalized support you need from a coach to help nurture your confidence as an on camera actor and feel proud of your self tape audition game.  With my script breakdown assistance, dynamic reading as your scene partner, personalized feedback between takes, and help selecting which takes to submit we will aim to work toward delivering nuanced, technically proficient audition tapes every single time!

What if you're looking for more from your audition experience? What if your self tape game is feeling a little rusty, or you don't have a self tape game at all (because you have no idea how to self tape)? What if you don't know where to look during the filming of your scene/how to come up with eyelines that work on camera? Or there are six different people opposite you in the scene and that feels overwhelming and yields a generic performance painted with broad strokes? What if you just want some feedback and direction on the work you're doing?

That's where I come in. As a self tape specialized audition coach, it's my job (and pleasure) to guide you through the audition process from the moment you receive the audition script to the moment you turn in your tape. And if you're looking for additional coaching for callbacks, chemistry reads, or work on set, I'm available for that too! Im,,,nm'm also here to work on improving your overall on camera acting technique and increasing your comfort with self tapes, so even if you don't have any auditions on the horizon, but want to dive into on camera work and aren't sure where to start, reach out to me via the form on the "contact" page and we can make it happen!


It is one of my fundamental beliefs that everyone should have access to the support they need to grow as an artist so I also offer and am always willing to discuss a sliding scale/payment plans for anyone in financial need. 

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